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Chapter 16


"Katrina, It’s so cute." Shelli cooed as she looked at the ultrasound picture. I went to the doctor earlier today to check on the baby and have an ultrasound.

I invited Shelli over because I wanted her to know all the details first because she’s the godmother.

"I know. I’m really excited about…


what contraceptive pills do:

  • regulate periods
  • prevent the development of ovarian cysts
  • prevent the growth of ovarian cysts if they exist
  • help with period pains and cramps
  • help with ovulation pains
  • clean skin from painful acne
  • oh yeah
  • help you not get fucking pregnant
  • you know
  • nbd

what mitt romney says contraceptive pills do:

  • promote prostitution and turn women into sex-crazed sluts


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Love Your Hero.

I woke up this morning to my alarm clock ringing. I got up and pressed the off button, I then walked out of my room and walked to the kitchen. My mother was in there and she had a nice fresh pot of coffee waiting for me. As I got the pot of coffee and poured it in my “White Limo” coffee mug I started to feel weird.

"Mom, anything current happened in the news?"

"No, nothing current." She said while giving me the creamer and sugar packet from my coffee.

As I mixed the extra ingredients to my cup of coffee, my heart started to beat fast. I got my cup and walked to the living room. The news was on, the reporter started to talk about the increase of the gas prices. As I person who doesn’t have a driver’s licence I really didn’t give a fuck.

All of a sudden in big white letters the TV screen said “BREAKING NEWS” now usually when It’s Breaking News It’s either a bad traffic jam, or something political. I just sat there to listen what the report was.

"News just in. Grammy award winner and Rock and Roll Icon, Dave Grohl is dead at 44, I repeat Dave Grohl dead at 44."

I couldn’t breathe. I was speechless. I dropped my coffee mug, I heard it shatter to pieces. My mother ran in the living room to see what happened.

"Kia, what’s wrong?"

"Everything. Everything is wrong." I sobbed. I cried so hard. My mother looked at the TV and gasped.

"Oh no, I know how much you adore Dave."

“Mom you don’t understand, I’m never gonna meet my hero, I’m never gonna met Dave.”

As I cried, I shut my eyes. I opened them back up and I was in my bed.

Yes, it was a nightmare. Yes, it can really happen one day. Love your hero, because one day they will be gone forever.


Good morning :D #foofighters #davegrohl #taylorhawkins #natemendel #chrissiflett


Good morning :D #foofighters #davegrohl #taylorhawkins #natemendel #chrissiflett

Chapter 20: Seasonal in Seattle


Four days later

It was the afternoon when the plane landed in Seattle. It was just me and Brennan because Stacey and Honda wanted to stay in California.

I was really happy to be home. I didn’t tell Kurt that I was coming home early and I wanted to surprise him.

Me and Brennan got in a cab…

Chapter 19: Rose Petals


Kurt’s POV

I was sitting on the little green bench by the small rose bush in the rose garden. There were a bunch of elderly folks here, I guess it’s because not a lot of people who are my age are interested in flowers. I looked at the rose bush beside me, I guess this would be my first picture.

20 Years Ago This Happened!

20 Years Ago This Happened!