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Chapter 16


"Katrina, It’s so cute." Shelli cooed as she looked at the ultrasound picture. I went to the doctor earlier today to check on the baby and have an ultrasound.

I invited Shelli over because I wanted her to know all the details first because she’s the godmother.

"I know. I’m really excited about…


what contraceptive pills do:

  • regulate periods
  • prevent the development of ovarian cysts
  • prevent the growth of ovarian cysts if they exist
  • help with period pains and cramps
  • help with ovulation pains
  • clean skin from painful acne
  • oh yeah
  • help you not get fucking pregnant
  • you know
  • nbd

what mitt romney says contraceptive pills do:

  • promote prostitution and turn women into sex-crazed sluts


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20 Years Ago This Happened!

20 Years Ago This Happened!